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Are we making happiness with the wrong recipe?

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Happiness is “the meaning and the purpose of life… the whole aim and end of human existence.”– Aristotle. The problem is many people are looking to create happiness in the wrong areas of their lives.

Yesterday I met this beautiful mum with two little boys in playgroup. She said it’s hard to find her happy place when she is tired and feeling down. So I used the analogy between happiness and the vegemite sandwich I had in my hand that I was about to be fed to Charlie, the 16-month year old I nanny.

Are we in fact trying to make happiness, using more of the wrong ingredients and less of the right ones?

Let me break it down for you.

When you are born you are taught how to act, what to wear, what to say, how to love and how to say ‘cheese’ for a photo.

Your own interpretation

When you begin to grow up you are teaching yourself the appropriate way to act, what you think you should wear, what you should say, whom you desire to love and how to make yourself happiest. This is based on the yeast you were made with. Based on the amount of butter that was spread and the amount of flavor that was added to make you happy. This was based on your parent’s interpretation of how to make a happy little Vegemite.

Savouring life’s joys

What we don’t understand is, that when your little Vegemite baby is made, you too are simultaneously making a new recipe of yourself. Little humans make you realise just how special life is. Everyday they are most likely trying something new. When was the last time you were genuinely fascinated about the way something worked because you had never seen it or tried it before? For example, Charlie discovering puddles to be the most magical thing in the world. This is the happy little Vegemite life.

I told the mum the following:

The bread

Equates to 50% of your happiness.

This part you have no control over. It is the yeast, or the genetics, you’re made with; your parents.

The butter

Equates to 10% of your happiness.

This is the circumstantial part. The part you have a degree of control over. Materialism. It depends how greedy you are with your butter. Some people love lots of butter in their life. They require more and more butter every sandwich they have. The Vegemite is simply never enough for them. That’s where people are getting it wrong.

The Vegemite

Equates to 40% of your happiness.

This final part you have complete control over. It is almost half of your happiness. Some people are all about the flavour. Searching for taste in this world. This is your happiness spread. This is the final layer that is actually going to determine where your day sits. The final layer that is either be to plane or too tangy. The knife and spreads are in your hands.

Are you using the right recipe to create your happy little Vegemite sandwich?

Rebecca Wilson