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Potting for purpose

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Everyone sooner or later discovers their place here on this planet. It may be a doctor, to teach yoga, or be a solve maths problems. Mine is to inspire change through storytelling. Since before I could talk I was engaging in the human behaviour. I was so fascinated with how we worked and what excited and encapsulated us. I discovered quickly that everyone loves a good story. Everyone loves feeling connected and transcended of time and place to an experience that makes them think differently. A moment or situation that challenges their being, that makes them feel that 1% more alive. This assignment is the essence of both a good story and moment. It is a holistic approach to positive development surrounding mental health and attempting to share this experience with the world.

Going global is not an easy task. It takes persistence, great content, a great team producing engaging work and incremental improvements in our brand as a whole. As the saying goes “From little things, big things grow” our brand needs that initial foundation of believers and doers in our smaller community to allow our wider community to place trust in them and in turn, PozPots. We need ambassadors for mental health, prepared to share PozPots story in creating awareness and positive change to everyone engaging with the brand and its events.

Creative process

After going to The Studio with Ian and the class, my mind was wandering for ideas that disrupted our current lifestyle and college surroundings. Collectively coming up with small ideas in our preparation phase allowed us to incubate and understand what exactly this event needed to be. As we understood social media and technology is encapsulating our generation at an abnormal rate we found it fitting to have a well-spirited event free of technologies. We illuminated what it is going to require, whether it has the potential to go global and viral and whether it is a long-term brand that can support itself through harsh technological times. We evaluated that it will reach a global scale as mental health is a timely matter that individual always attempts to personally or professionally regulate and uplift.

College is a time that always causes elements of stress and coming to the end of term with last assignment deadlines and exams was the most perfect opportunity to disrupt the minds of our peers and colleagues. Implementing positive mental awareness through our disruption and allowing their creative brains to wander and grow, with their pots was beneficial to all.  The event saw so much relevance and purpose in our value exchange. We created elements of humour through filming, we educated our peers as to how easy and satisfying simple acts of kindness are for your personal mental health and receivers. We allowed everyone to be involved and immersed. There was no attention theft. The attention was all on them; for them.


As expressed above, PozPots nurtures individual’s wellbeing and ability to connect and grow within themselves but also in the world. It was evident during this event that social skills and interconnectedness had developed as the event progressed and onlookers could see the happiness it brought those painting, on a personal level. It was infectious. It has the potential to infect humans with happiness on a global scale.


Culture plays a significant part in reaching all areas of the globe. It needs to be relevant, accepted, welcomed and unbiased to communities and specific strict cultures. In order to secure the minds, hearts and trust of varying cultures we need to implement a strategy of communication. Visual aids and video content is our most successful and engaging asset that PozPots values. Through producing content with and of varying cultures included in the events, it will enable their communities to understand this is a global and inviting movement, welcome to everybody. Mental health is always an issue regardless of culture. Everyone wants a form of escapism from stress and daily schedules. It is just adjusting the communication around each culture that will be crucial for successful execution.


The event saw no discrimination, ageism, sexism or racism. Everyone is and will always remain welcome. PozPots aims to better society and include everyone to develop and flourish within themselves and with their community. This was made very clear with our video on Facebook which aims to inspire and educate everyone that all walks of life, at any stage and situation they may be in, to enjoy, engage and thrive in this positive community garden of sorts.


One plant per person is a great impact on the environment. It is fresh and full of potential; just like them. To be graced with a plant you have to nurture is uplifting and something about greenery will always enable peace and tranquillity. Planting encourages further growth and gardening as they experience the beauty their seeds bring to their lives.

It is good for them and the environment. The process of making, creating and packing up was slick and friendly. Paints were disposed of properly, seed packets were made of paper and all utensils were donated to the college. We encourage future events to be second-hand based and welcome the community to bring together good vibes and items to make their event one to remember. This sets a positive tone for our brand that further invites activists and social-changers from all communities.


Sustainability among our brand's name and our PozPot events themselves enables growth and adaptability to the market and the world. The pots lifespan needs to be sustainable and adaptable so it can be transported once the plant has reached maturity. This promotes the pay it forward affects PozPots stands for. Incremental improvements regularly for our socials and content ensures trust among our community is secure. The future of our brand sees a domain name and a website. This confirms our name is ours forever. Brand awareness is high and locked. It provides for business opportunities and communities around the globe, giving access to all countries as China and Korea see a drop, to almost no Facebook and Instagram. Businesses, schools, retirement homes and pre-schools have a platform and can engage in this positive phenomenon.

Project outcomes - Director of Photography and Editor  

Social interaction and communication is the essence in communities anywhere in the world. Our event broke the silence of mental health among millennials, it provided content that creates happiness and enables desired engagement in the community felt event. Escapism and interaction with humans and not their technology was transpired through content and onlookers. It welcomed the stressed and encouraged the sad. It brought happiness to their day that they then were able to pass on and enable another to enjoy.

My role brought me so much happiness. Capturing the magic people felt when acting like kids painting again. It illuminated the very thing we wanted, to be completely and utterly in a state of flow and bliss. To be so engrossed in the activity that time escapes you and creativity shines from within onto others. It is a special event that will reach communities around the world. PozPots will be a name that brings joy anywhere in the world.

Rebecca Wilson