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The choice is yours

When we wake up, we have ideas and a vision for the day. We know how we want things to go and we know what we may not want to do. We may snooze our alarm, or meditate, we may have a coffee or even a cold shower. We all have a routine. When we break routine; enable change and further effort is required; is when oneself is tested. That is when you learn how determined or restricted you in fact are.

No matter where you are in life, you are part of a team. Your family is a team, your workplace, university, you and your technology; your body is its own team. The word team symbolises the unity of individual’s with a common task of achieving a set goal. It may be big, small, little or tall. Regardless, each human plays a part that ultimately defines them. The effort you put in is the reward you reap. The wise words of my Dad: “You will never get along with everyone you meet” happens to embody the essence of a team. You don’t have to get along, you have to do your job and try to enjoy it. You have to understand that you are only as strong as the one slacking off, you are only as determined as the long hours you have put into perfecting your work; you are only as great as you want to be.



My brain works in a weird and wonderful way. I find inspiration, I write notes, I colour, I create, I look for further inspiration and I create some more. There is no specific recipe for the perfect piece of visual content. Often my ideas come to me at the most inconvenient times. Times I am living and unable to write. Times I am relaxed and dazed and unaware that I have just thought of a fabulous idea. That is what I love about creativity, it comes in bursts and lasts forever. I never believe I have done anything perfectly. I always know I can grow and further create things I didn’t expect to. That is why I loved this Film Production assignment. Creating a short film that was more than an advertisement. I wanted a new challenge that adapted me to change and understand how to portray new forms of visual content. One that forced my classmates to grow and learn with me. It was a challenge that several accepted and by the look on their faces were excited to engage in. We all knew how much work was ahead. And so, with a full crew, we began to create something special.



When you create a story, you want it to be delivered exactly how you had imagined. That is one thing I truly found hard: handing over my idea for others to look after and make a part their own. I often love saying yes and taking on as much responsibility as I can. Having a team enabled my weight in the assignment to be shifted to an extent, and then for some part, I felt like it entrusted even more on my shoulders. Working on set heightened that feeling. The set you see in movies and the one you play in real life does crack up to be similar. You have complications with the lighting pick up, you have certain members rocking up to the shoot late, you have people in the kitchen preparing the crew lunch, you have actors getting their costumes on, you have location changes. None of this is possible if just one member rocked up on set. It is all about working together and supporting each other's needs and issues throughout the shoot. It is about knowing when to have fun and went to get the job done. There were times I had to bite my tongue so anger didn’t get the better of me, as the sun was going down, the crew were messing around and not understanding our stress for the limited time we had. Next time a generator would be very handy to carry lighting and not be pressed by sunlight hours shooting in winter. The location fell in our favour as I believe the indoor shopping mall would not have told the story the way I envisaged.


You are worthy

Yes it is long hours, yes only 2 minutes is often only recorded in a 10 hour day, and yes your back will hurt the following day because you have only been on your feet. Yes is the mindset one should have on set to bring positivity and vibrancy to a shoot. I was very impressed to see everyone give it their all, for the majority of the day. Several fell towards the end and that I have come to understand was their first time on set, or in a position, they were unfamiliar with. Adapting to change is one of the many things humans do not like. Understanding hierarchy and your role is so crucial to pull off your part of a team. Personal agendas put aside, you need to be aware that this is where you are now and you have nowhere else to be until it is done. I found constantly pepping people up, creating vibrancy and ensuring both the crew and cast understood they were doing well, was a key to keeping your team on track. Everyone loves appreciation, even if it may not always happen in the real world. It was important they knew they were worthy on set. As they say, ‘there are no small parts’. Sticking to time was essential as so much had to be done. Producer and production manager ensured for a smooth and timely shoot that all went according to plan. As per all of the photos, having the TeraView app to replicate the camera made me already feel a part of the film. Great actresses and actor worked hard under the time they had and the scenarios they were placed into. They brought value and happiness. As did post-production and working with Harvey to compose music that further illuminated the story being told. It is often hard regurgitating your dream to become a reality. That is why teamwork is so detrimental. 


I believe with experience comes maturity and with maturity comes professionalism. I have no real qualms for the day besides the final note that everyone will understand what it takes to make a great film and what it takes to be great at your role. Everyone knows the effort they put in and the desired outcome that in turn, they deserve. It is those that can not get past personal agendas that will find it hard in this thing we call life. Even if you are unsure of the responsibility you have given someone initially, putting trust in them with a desire and hope they will succeed, makes your team stronger. It thrives on imperfections and disruptions; that is what makes us grow.


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