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Coasting film clip

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One of the things humans fear most is change. Any form of change no matter how insignificant it may seem to some can be daunting to other humans. This clip aims to serve as a reminder that it is ok to embrace change; to transpire the notion that you can remain happy when elements change in your life. That you can coast through the journey.

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Harvey is the main man as well as the singer/songwriter in Sydney. On the regular, we sift through fun and creative ideas for videos and music clips. For his last album ‘Honey’ I created a stop-motion animation detailing the story of a boy falling for a bee as per the link: It was natural to continue to his latest track ‘Coasting’ in which I had the idea and concept of a man going through small elements change. It is a light-hearted touch on the subject that should enable a dreamy warm feeling from the audience.

During the pre-production phase,  I really was in limbo with how I wanted to showcase this song. Harvey has a specific personal brand and so I wanted to continue to embrace that but also add some funky new elements. As I was the only group member and Harvey is my partner, the pre-production organisation of this film-clip was quite breezy. Some improvements and learnings would be having more of a storyboard so I knew when I was getting the shots I wanted, as opposed to just going with the flow and seeing what happened sometimes, especially as we were changing locations quite a bit I needed to assume we got the shots I was after.

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It takes two to tango. Regardless of working with people you know, it still can remain a struggle and challenge at times, especially when one is getting tired and frustrated with a scene. It was up to me to continue to motivate and encourage Harvey into understanding it can take more than 4 takes to get the shot I am after, even in the boiling sun.

I got frustrated with myself several times as I was doing all production roles necessary to complete the shoot, mostly because I wanted it perfect and I only had myself to blame. Being a Producer, Director, DOP, Gaffer, Sound is challenging. Especially when you are short on time and working against the sun and daylight. I think to be very organised is crucial and really strict on call times, as it was just Harvey and me, we were pretty loose at times and that fell on me as sometimes it was too hot to shoot already, even at 7.30am.

I really enjoy bringing the footage to life. This is where it is up to you to help tell a story and create an emotional response from the audience. As it was shot in double time and reduced to halftime, editing was a little fiddly. Really understanding what I wanted by that point helped a lot as it encouraged new elements to be brought to life. All in all, I loved working with Harvey but really respect and appreciate working with a team. We need to rely on people to build and create growth in a project. That’s what I notice working on set with Cisco, everyone has their role they do really well, and together that creates magic.

Rebecca Wilson