Hey there, it's Rebecca Wilson.

Sydney based content crafter producing stories through film, animation and graphic design.


Hey there, it’s Rebecca Wilson.
Filmmaker & Content Crafter.


People say things are either black and white. But what about colour? My purpose here is to make you see things in a groovy way, so let me colour your mind.

Design thinker, creator, communicator and strategist proving committed creative and intuitive qualities in all areas of video production. With over 3 years of experience in marketing and events and more recently video production, I know I have the ability to colour a company with ideas, organisation and energy. I am a keen collaborator and offer both diverse and dynamic skills that will contribute to colouring your consumer's minds.

I have this idea that transpiring this notion of storytelling as our most powerful platform of communication; our universal language, will allow us to wander life purposefully.
Our hands are so powerful. Let’s create and make life beautiful.
I'll make sure you see this world in colour.