Internship Journal

Do you feel yellow mellow ?



This morning wasn’t like most mornings. Walked in at 5 to 9 and there were so many people already in the office. There was a meeting about to take place, 2 new girls and not enough desks/ seats. It was excitingly chaotic. Monday grind. Emails and checking in, waiting for our Monday WIP to commence. On top of it all, there were two bright yellow walls in the office. This weekend things and decisions were made. It feels good!

Today was all about research round 2. Finding low budget ideas for the Happy Way videos. Aaron and I debriefed and organised a plan for Friday. Shuey mentioned working alongside Britt and El, the SEO and copywriter, in order to help boost video necessity. He discussed the idea of getting El and Britt to analyse their website and understand what needs more engagement from consumers. Aaron liked the ideas discussed, particularly the feed your inner kids one. It was a good day. I like letting my mind wander.

Rebecca Wilson