Internship Journal

What's your creative playground look like?



Entered with a nice welcome after the long weekend and almost 2 weeks off. It was a good feeling. Shuey bought Easter eggs for everyone and had mine at the table ready for me. It was cool. 

Got started, reading emails, girls catch up, then had a weekly meeting with the design team about upcoming daily tasks and potential to help with other people. Today my tasks were to research and inspiration from top advertisements and brands. See what worked and what didn't. What elements they had and what stood out. I have always understood that having some form of a story or character profile is going to make your ad stand out. You need to jilt an emotional response from the audience; from your target audience. 

I did lots of research and came up with 3 new video concepts that can be further developed and produced with the aim of increasing our client's video budget for production. 

I love how fast my brain works. How fast it comes up with creative concepts. I constantly have wires rushing around all the time, creating and curiously exploring new knowledge and information. It is great being so determined to develop concepts and tell a story. 


Social Media Strategy and good Ol' Jeremy taught me a lot about what it takes for videos to go viral. If your video has at least 2 of the features below, it is supposed to increase your chance of going viral. It needs to be humorous, timely, upbeat, education and have an inspirational call to action. Going viral is to exceed engagement from your specified target audience. 

Our target audience is between mid-twenties till the late forties. For the mums of our world and ladies who lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. In saying that, our videos need to consist of humour, upbeat elements, educational facts and an inspiring call to action. 

I developed 3 storyline concepts that followed those characteristics. 

It was a really fun and creative day. Aaron and I sat in the Zen room and discussed my concepts. He liked them and said I have a nice creative brain. The feeling is good. WOOOO! 

Nice day. We are all heading out for a cocktail shortly. Fun times! Keen for Monday. 

Rebecca Wilson