Internship Journal

Is it weird to get last day nerves?



Last day, without the hip hip hooray. I have really enjoyed being here. The energy in the room is something special. Everyone is so unique and incredible in their own right. Constantly bouncing ideas off each other. We went out for another lunch it was nice. We get really political, environmental and worldly at lunch; I love it. So many ideas and questions were thrown around with others offering and projecting their answers. It keeps you on your toes and thinking. It’s empowering.

Back to the office, I went craaaaazy with After Effects tutorials today. It is now my new favourite adobe suite application. Aaron learned a thing or two from me when I discussed everything I had been taught. It was fabulous. I thrive on learning new techniques, shortcuts and programs. It was one of my favourite afternoons. Later I spoke with Aaron regarding it being my last day and he was surprised it had come up so quickly so discussed next steps with Shuey. I waited and then had Shuey come in and give me the good news that he would love to keep me on one day a week and then progress to full-time in the near future. It was weird I was kind of unsure what was going to happen previous to Shuey coming in as the video team is not content heavy at the moment. Nonetheless, everything worked out perfect. I can enjoy uni and this job simultaneously. What a happy FRI-YAY!

Rebecca Wilson