Internship Journal

When is a time you were most grateful?


Today's theme; Practising gratitude.

Monday, Funday.

This morning, I stepped into the office and was greeted by 6 faces all in beanbags. Shuey starts things differently on Monday's at Whitehat. Normally around 10 am when I am headed to Uni but today I was lucky to be part of it.

We then went around the room and discussed individual goals for your team this week and to then visualise the best outcome for yourself.


and then times it by 5.

Shuey asked us all to close our eyes in our beanbag and visualise a time we were grateful. Reconnect with this and the emotions and feelings associated with it. I thought of my parents. For raising me to be so motivated and determined in what I want for my life and myself. I have always praised myself and been grateful for where I currently am and all I have achieved in my 22 years of living. He then asked us to times those feelings and emotions by 5. And went on to let us think of a time we felt limitless. I have always been confident and fearless in a lot of areas of life. I thought of how limitless I have been over the last year, leaving my full-time job in Marketing to see what else life had in store for me. I have made myself so proud and know my life is going to be nothing but bliss.

Shuey guided us to consider how we can take these scenarios in which we felt so grateful and limitless and incorporate them into the workplace and understand how having this mindset is so important in achieving success.

This practice Shuey engaged us in, was so so positive for a well functioning and productive workplace. It sets such a positive growth mindset, not only for the day but for your life and yourself.

The day started on such a high.


My first client. Working on 6 videos spread across 3 months for Happy Way. They will be focusing on promoting and educating people on their protein powder. Today I was storyboarding ideas for videos and concept creation. Aaron is finalising a video shot list and storyboarding and I am beginning the introduction animation for all 6 videos.

It was a good day.  Constantly feeling challenged and in my element. Being given so much responsibility and trust to work independantly. It is amazing.

Rebecca Wilson