Internship Journal

How do you like this transition?



The fun continues. More time with Albert. Monday’s go so fast for me, however, as I dash to uni and return, half the day is over without my knowing.

But first… meditation.

I love when Shuey starts the day with a meditation and reflection. It is so cleansing to the soul after the weekend. Totally sets you up for the week ahead. We discussed this idea that where systems meet you get exponential growth. We want to have a disruptive mindset that is constantly challenging itself to be better, every hour, every day. We need to have this idea and vision to go to bed every night 1% better than the day before. So powerful to hear. I always try to learn something new every day. That is the power of studying. Naturally being a Gemini however, I am an extremely curious individual, forever wanting to know more about people and the world, all day, every day. So in saying that. I am already practising and in turn, preaching that.

We had a meeting at business close with Shuey. His days are so busy he could only fit us in then. We discussed the video and went back to our competitor, Protein world like 5 times. It is so sensual it is unbelievable. It was powerful however in selling the product, after all, sex sells. I had the idea to include personality traits and more of a storyline prior to production but Aaron developed and shared the storyboards he developed with the client so my ideas weren’t heard. It needed room for more of an emotional response from the audience. Ours was more robotic. I have not seen the final product however so I am keen to see it next Friday. Aaron and Albert are great to work with and they have great ideas so I am excited to see this piece completed. All in all, it was a learning experience. None of us has developed video content before so it was great to have developed, produced and then get professional feedback on it. Shuey is a great envisioner. He has an idea, a picture and a goal and aims high. Very inspiring as a leader and business owner. It was a good day!

Rebecca Wilson