Internship Journal

Can you show me that shortcut again?



This morning had a team design meeting with Aaron and the rest of the crew. It was good to see where everyone was at and get an understanding of who needed guidance and extra help from fellow co-workers. We then split up and went back to our desks. I went through some Youtube tutorials on Premiere Pro and then spent the day editing with Albert, I kept calling him Alfred. So embarrassing. There are so many employees and I have never been good with names. I need to really sort that problem out. We went into the meeting room for part of the day and then just at our desks editing for the rest. It is hard when you are new to offer heaps of direction and creative input. I had ideas for the videos but don’t feel as though my voice is heard entirely. Albert was so great at teaching me new things. Premier was his playground and he showed me all the tricks and shortcuts. Very grateful to have had his time and brain next to me the entire day. Aaron was happy with what we had developed so far. It was great. Editing obviously takes a lot more time than you imagine. Keen to continue the work next week.

We had a nice team lunch up the road. Had a good team discussion about life and the environment and sustainability etc. everyone has very switched on brains and up my alley when it comes to having a conscious mindset for our world. Good to know. A lot of companies have other priorities. Queenie told me about a movie The Push, which I have now watched. It was great. All about social compliance and never letting that get the better of you. Taking a stand for yourself and having morals and differences with colleagues and individual’s you meet in the world. It really resonated with me as I never socially comply based on social norms. I love and am grateful to have an alternative mindset from a lot of people. It is creative, free from unwanted practices and unique. It was a bliss day! I believe I grew and learnt a lot. That is a successful day for me.

Rebecca Wilson