Internship Journal

Where’s the camera?



Last few days I went and got supplies for video shooting this Friday. It was hard to find all protein powders etc in the quantities we wanted but then I found this amazing shop in Double Bay. I love it; Something Naked. It inspired me that I should actually be consuming a lot of these products with the amount of energy I burn. Excited to start making these videos.


Met in the Pacific tower's apartments at Bondi Beach. It was bliss. They are so lush, have a permanent attendant. We filmed Video 1: What’s in Happy Way in Shuey’s apartment. He had great lighting in the back sunroom that allowed us to film and capture a lovely setting all in the space of an hour and a half. We used a combination of camera canon and my iPhone as the tripod and stabiliser were not working, which was a shame. It was such a fun morning. I was the hand model and made all ingredients, had input with creative direction and videography which was cool. Albert is great to work with. He has such an eye for what works. Aaron and himself were great to work with on Friday. The second film was Lifestyle with Santina, this Scandinavian influencer. She was little and cool and knew how to pose, that’s for sure. We filmed down at Bondi Beach gym as well as on the sand. We shot footage of her working out, drinking protein powder and product placement. I am so not model material, so it was pretty funny for me to watch. All round, good energy and nice day. Video 3: Pancake recipe- Vanilla Ice Ice Baby was so fun to shoot. It took so many goes to get a good pancake flip and it still didn’t work out 100 percent. I had such a fun day with the guys, it made up for Monday.

Rebecca Wilson