Internship Journal

Have you heard the feedback?



Monday morning, rain was falling.

Back in the office after being sick.

I worked hard on the animation Intro for Happy Way to then be told in our morning catch up that the client wants something more simplistic and they are going to take another direction. That hurts to hear when you are new to the game and want to be praised for every little achievement you make. But then I realised this is the real world and I have to suck it up and move on.

I spent the day putting together lists for shopping as we were shooting 3 films on Friday for Happy Way videos 1-3. I then shadowed Aaron and his development of Intros and Outros on After Effects to send through to the client. It was cool to see the After Effects process and templates and tools you could use to make it a really quick and easy process. I was a little cut for the rest of the afternoon as communication lacked when it came to client brief for this as well as feedback and next steps. I would have liked to have sat down with Aaron and discussed how I could improve and different directions I could have taken.

I just have to keep my head up and work through failures and get better. It is a positive thing really! 

Rebecca Wilson