Internship Journal

SO... How was your first day?



It's always hard starting your first day on a Monday. Everyone is getting back to where they left off. Returning emails from the previous week. My day started great, however. I walked in feeling so welcome. Got an introduction to the office with Aaron, the man I would be working with during my internship. He gave me a rundown of what I had ahead of me for the day. Storyboarding and concept creation for Whitehat's website profile video. This was exactly what I love doing. I went to Uni and returned and got stuck into it.


I loved walking back through that entry door. Such an awesome space with, an amazing view, beanbags to your right, a zen room (A-MAZING), beautiful windows and light throughout, and ergonomic chairs!!!!! The best thing you could dream of, I have always wanted one!

I sat at my desk and continued researching and design thinking to get a profile video storyboard on its way.

3.30 came by so fast. I had a meeting with Aaron and went over all my ideas, he loved them. It made me so happy to have someone with such experience, love the way my brain works. It's amazing, how over the last few months I have just been teaching myself Premier Pro and further photoshop etc. to then creating a Stop Motion Animation for my boyfriend's new song, to now testing myself and being among great people in the video production team at Whitehat.

Practice makes... good things happen!

I'm excited to see where this position takes me!

Rebecca Wilson