Internship Journal

Hi, what's your name?



It took me a few attempts to find my new part-time place that suited my interests when interning. Like Goldie locks in the 3 little bears, the third place was, just right.

Amongst it all, employers and companies need to understand that the interning process can be extremely destructive and demotivating when the host agency doesn't nurture the intern like one of their own. it is, after all, their first-hand experience in the real world.

Lucky for me, this is my second internship opportunity, the first was with GPJ, that progressed to full-time employment and an amazing work culture.


Subconsciously, humans have a judgemental nature. And whether you like it or not, you are being judged from the moment you walk in that building, before your mouth even moves. First impressions go both ways, however. You as the Intern, take notice of the environment, the immediate surroundings, the entrance, the smells, the ambience and the people waiting eagerly for you to say something. Then comes first greetings, "Hi, what's your name?".

Everyone wants to be liked and welcomed on their first day. From here on in, I will be sharing what happens inside an interns head at their place in the real world.


The place that had it all. It was so warm and energising from the moment I walked through the cool door with a circular hole through the middle, a small glance into the office. My interview was relaxed and amazing with the founder, Shuey. We discussed my future role and responsibilities, the office, the culture, the sphere, the tight group of colleagues they had and where I would fit in. It was so, ME. You know when you enter a place and your gut feels good about it? That was Whitehat. They had everything going on that I wanted. They had the porridge perfect temperature, with a bit of milk and a nice amount of honey. It tasted just right. A workplace I wanted to be a part of.

I was ready to join the team.

Rebecca Wilson